An experienced holistic lifestyle educator and social media influencer, Claire has created  Trill Yoga , a fitness and wellness lifestyle which has become a globally practiced cultural movement.

Claire Fountain, otherwise known by her social media handle CB Quality, is a yoga instructor whose unorthodox approach truly embodies the union of lifestyle and practice. An experienced holistic lifestyle educator and social media influencer, Claire has created Trill Yoga, a fitness and wellness lifestyle which – through the support of online audiences – has become a cultural movement practiced around the world.

While obtaining a psychology degree from Vassar College, Claire became certified in both personal training and yoga, while also having a deep interest in the physical and mental aspects of nutrition and health. Teaching and leading workshops provided her the outlet and opportunity to pass on her knowledge and passion for yoga to others. This educational experience eventually developed into a personal lifestyle regiment that inspired her to share her ideas on a larger scale. This was the birth of Trill Yoga.

Trill Yoga not only defines, but is a by-product of Claire’s daily lifestyle, both off and on the mat. As a result of her social media prowess and strong online following, Trill Yoga has become a global cultural movement – benefitting both consumers and brands alike. Her unconventional and innovative style continues to inspire her followers – artists, trendsetters, world-class professional athletes, and everyone in between – to fall in love with all that Trill Yoga has to offer.

“It is as much about the music you flow to, the style that you rock, and the artistic place you choose to practice in. It does not follow the rules; it makes them. Trill Yoga welcomes all, and is for anybody and ANY body.”

– Claire Fountain

Claire Fountain’s innate passion for wellness and fitness, coupled with her adoration for music, arts and culture, have attracted a large, authentic and engaging following across multiple social and digital platforms; and in a very short time she has become known as a pioneer in her industry.