// #FridayFavorites

Getting back on track, and surprised it’s technically May. #FridayFavorites will be an every other Friday venture. Let me know any of types of things you’d like to see! 


/ Tan Cortez / Y’all all know I love a Nike Cortez. Best sneaker for day to day. For any and all sneaker needs, check my plug @mattcoward1 (IG) 

/ Nas Anorak / The Essense 1979 / recently got to shoot for them, and this is where the Nas anorak you all asked about it  


/ sweetgreen / Not everywhere yet, but for someone like me who can’t get enough greens and grains, currently obsessed with their spicy cashew dressing…and rad thai (no shrimp, extra kale) bowl even if you don’t live near one of their restaurants, use the menus for inspiration when making food at home

/ Chop’t / Another essential for those in love with greens and grains. Creative salad company for creatives who love salad. Current favorite custom salad? Mixed kale and greens (because it has purple cabbage), celery, colorful carrots, double chickpeas, hearts of palm, cucumbers, double mixed seeds…and spicy mexican goddess dressing. I go heavy on the dressing because kale can be rough without enough lubrication…pause…but it’s delicious and packs a hearty play based punch of nutrients and protein. 

/ Raw Rev Bar / mentioning again because these continue to save me when I need a snack that is protein, and fiber, and low sugar and plant based. Also, recently did a huge give away (10 boxes to 10 people) and the coupon code is still valid, CBQUALITY for 20% off bars. 


/ Think and Grow Rich / Another essential on the CB Book List 

/ Could Striving Be the New Woke? & Earning the Woke Badge / More than a few thoughts on being “woke” and if “striving” is the new woke… worth a read as we toss around the term “woke” these days as a means of being relevant and timely on knowledge 


/ Nike - Masters of Air / this is special, for sneaker lovers and creators of a genuine life thru their footwear“I have always said life is war, and you must dress accordingly” 

/ Ted Talk about Procrastinators / Maybe us procrastinators are onto something as original thinkers 


/ Jason Banks, The Paradox EP / Can’t say enough good things about all the soul in this. Southern me approved. Sort of want to sleep in Silver Lining forever  


/ Racked Fit Club / Racked is now offering great deals and classes via their website. Might give you a push to try something new or peep that class you were already interested in. 


/ Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser & Face Favorites / recently wrote about my skin care regimen here, and this face wash is just too good. 

/ Nugg Lip Mask / I do this probably every other day. Just makes my lips feel healthier and plumper. Put it on and do everything else you want to for the next 15-20 mins.