// COSIGN Experience 2017

Dallas! What a beautiful time. There is nothing better than seeing a room full of amazing women coming together to do yoga and hang out with me. I was super touched, and everyone got through my somewhat challenging flow. For those who have not been to a class with me, I'm super laid back, I don't use terms some aren't familiar with, and I always try to host a welcoming and safe space. I like to show people how yoga can be multiple levels and meet you where you are any given day while allowing the space for advanced movements. 

My playlist is never the norm for yoga, but the biggest thing I want to share is the power of breathing correctly, how capable our bodies really are, and that you can make yoga work for you. 

I cannot say enough thanks to Cosign Magazine for the time, and for supporting me from time. Genuine people supporting genuine people; makes my heart feel good. Also, big thanks to Reebok for hooking my whole class up with swag and providing mats. Serious love for my Reebok classics for summer17.